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We take a thorough look at the Girl Gets Ring System, T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson and Jonathan Green

Girl Gets Ring System

First of all, if you haven’t heard of the Girl Gets Ring System, you are in for the shocker of your life.

Anyone interested in the tricks of the trade for landing a man or helping a daughter, niece, or best friend do so….listen up.

There is finally someone telling the truth about the way it is.

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The Girl Gets Ring System by T Dub Jackson

Here in this powerhouse book on human relationships which reveals men in ways they’ve never even thought about being uncovered, T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson and Jonathan Green hold nothing back. We’ve been hearing so much about the book and the topic just in general, we had to investigate. Hope you are ready for a real treat because this book certainly seems to be one.

Sit tight while we investigate and perform a Girl Gets Ring System review with a twist.

Why do we say with a twist?

We are going to show you right here. Although you may need to know the truth about men and what makes them tick, you also need to know the truth about this book.

Ready?? Awesome! Let’s get started.

What is Girl Gets Ring and can it help you?

GGR is a potent combination of many years of man experience.

That is no means meant chauvinistically, gender-biased, or in any other negative connotation. It’s real. Two entirely different men tell the truth about entirely different life paths and give the low down on the real interactions between men and women with striking clarity. A stark contrast but great comparison the authors lay it all out for us in honest, easy to understand terminology. (Another words no psychological or medical terminology you can’t understand).

The authors present both sides of “the ring.”

Pre-ring and post-ring, how to get from here to there, and what really makes it happen.

The fun thing is they keep it easy to read, not too long, and fairly simple. This book is actually written by two guys and believe it or not, they seem to know what they are talking about.

t dub and jeannie

T Dub together with his long time wife Jeannie.

But, with a 16 year marriage under one belt and the dating expertise of a prince under the other, is it any wonder these gentlemen are able to comprise some really good info?

Not really.

What is surprising is that they tell it to us as smooth and fluently as they do. They also give excellent practical application advice. Well, it’s not just really advice…they actually give you stopping points throughout the book, thinking and writing exercises, and tell you EXACTLY how to apply what you are learning.

So in answer to the question can it help?

Yes, it most definitely can, if you apply read it and apply it. These are genuine, honest principles of relationships that many probably know if various capacities, but most are afraid just to tell someone.

Thankfully Jonathan Green and T Dub Jackson got over that fear, if they ever had it.

What do you get with Girl Gets Ring?

girl gets ring table of contentsWell for starters, you get to learn some stuff you’ve never heard or read before.

If you’ve heard half of what these guys have to say, you are lucky. Maybe it’s their straightforward way of laying it out. Or perhaps their blatant honesty that makes us keep reading what they have to say. They don’t do any of that it’s his fault or her fault kind of stuff.

They are just real honest about how we all interact and what REALLY keeps a guy from wanting to make that final commitment (read more in my article about how to get a guy to commit).

Jonathan and T Dub have put together 144 pages of REAL LIFE.

They also include a report on mistakes in online dating and some MP3s on hero principles, long distance relationships, and communication that will blow your socks off.

What is the Girl Gets Ring System?

This is process that these guys will show you throughout the book.

They include in their book Girl Gets Ring some strong evidence that they’ve been there and done that. We’ve never quite heard this type of honesty come out when a gender has revealed their hidden truths.

One of the things that we really like about doing a Girl Gets Ring System review is learning from the insider’s perspective what people really have gained from reading and applying the principles shared from just normal guys.

One guy happily married for years and the other happily single.

The difference in what they do and what hundreds of PhDs, psychoanalysts, and therapists have done for years is tell the truth they’ve learned by being there.

Page 102, the final in their step by step system. Phase Six "From Girlfriend to Fiancé‎".

Page 102, the final in their step by step system. Phase Six “From Girlfriend to Fiancé‎”.

Girl Gets Ring is a truth system that lead you through a step by step system of phases from getting to know yourself, understanding the truths about men that no one wants to admit, and carries you all the way through to how keep your relationship whole once you’re married.

Why do we like the Girl Gets Ring System?

We do actually like the system and feel we should say that first off since this is a Girl Gets Ring System review.

We’ve listed several key points above that tell you why, but we thought we’d bullet them out to make it easy.

  • From real life – Not a textbook. These are real simple talking but honest guys.
  • Not just talk – They give you real “how to apply it” step by steps.
  • Talks truth about being single
  • Honesty about good guys and bad guys
  • Tells you how to get the guy – You don’t have to chase them anymore.
  • Wants to help guys and gals alike to get to real relationships
  • Shares what it takes to overcome fear
  • Explains the real dynamics of getting to the goal
  • Bonuses on how to stay there
  • Helpful hints on keeping it golden
  • Fear of commitment

These guys could honestly have just laid out about half of this information and had a gold mine, but they didn’t stop there. They wanted to really help you get that ring, but most important help you to both keep them on.

There’s little in life more fulfilling than a life partner who is there with you AND for you.

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