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We take a thorough look at the Girl Gets Ring System, T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson and Jonathan Green
Girl Gets Ring System


Welcome to the part of my website, www.girlgetsringsystem.com, where you can read my compensation disclosure.

As you may or may not have heard, the FTC has voted to approve new guidelines regarding things like endorsements and testimonials.

This means that they have updated the previous policy so that they can affirm the principles many people do not understand for material connections, and that these things must be disclosed. This is why I have made my own compensation disclosure. Not only to enlighten you on what it is, but also to show you that I care about your visits.

I love having the privilege to offer you my insight and experience on many things, for example the girl gets ring system, as well as content to read, and would not dream of having it any other way. I will always do this free of charge! However, there are things that I at times need to do in order to keep the site running in the expensive world of today. Therefore, I have decided to explain to you the reasoning behind why I can provide this to you free of charge.

You have undoubtedly seen the links on my site and probably clicked them to check out the neat things they lead to. However, until now you may not have realized that by clicking into my site or out of my site with these links, you have been helping me to keep my site running. First, I want to thank you for this! I also want you to know that I have not been making money off you, or using you for that purpose. I do not make tons of money off it, but rather use it to keep the site going. Not every single link on this site works this way, however, only a select few. I hope that by sharing this with you that you further understand that I desire and enjoy your visits, and hope to continue to put out great content for you.

All the proceeds for this type of compensation go directly to helping maintain the customizations and designs on my page, or to keep them at a minimum.

I also want you to know that although I receive commission from the links you click, as well as different affiliates, that this does not affect any of the content I post here. You can always be sure that what I post is trustworthy and that it has no ulterior motives behind it, as I only want to provide you with things to read. I am, however, not able to monitor or change a single thing outside of my own site, so please understand that I have no control or direct relation to any of the sites that you might visit when you click links from my page. I cannot change or rewrite anything outside of my page, and the content in the other pages can change on a whim.

Each one of you is extremely important to me and I am grateful for the visits that you pay me. Each time you click to my site and read things I have posted, it makes me happy. I look forward to being able to keep on providing you the great content you have grown to love at no cost to you!

If you do notice something that is contrary to this disclosure, or that you think might not be right, please tell me.

I will do my best to fix the situation as soon as possible.

As a side note, I want you to know that I updated this Compensation Disclosure on October 29, 2013.