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How to Get a Guy to Commit

Have you ever really thought much about how to get a man to commit?

Well, that probably depends on what we’re talking about committing too right?

How about a relationship or a marriage.


Right, we understand where you’re coming from and so do millions of other women out there.

Why is that? Why do women seek commitment and men run from it? Or is that REALLY the case? Man…too many questions and not enough answers. It seems that’s about the way it is with relationships isn’t it?

Maybe you’ve read all the how to books and how not to books and still haven’t learned how to make him commit. There’s little harder than being head over heels in love with someone and them absolutely refusing (or so it seems) to make a commitment to make it longer lasting and/or at least beginning permanency.

Women have for centuries sought to envelope men in some form of marriage or commitment ceremony often long before the man is ready. It’s not unusual for relationships to end because one gets tired of waiting for the other. Usually the woman side of the relationship gets fed up and decides that the fella must not love her.

Have you ever ended a relationship because of something like this and then wondered later on if that was the best thing to do?

If you have, you are NOT alone.

What can you do?

Have you ever wondered if there was help out there on how to get a guy to commit?

That’s actually a really good question.

We all know there are tons of relationship books, but many of them are written by professional people who have made an art of saying the same things in different ways. They kind of sit back and just ask questions and try to get people to work through their problems.

In fact, many of those relationship expert books have actually perpetuated the myths that cause many relationships to fail. Terri Trespicio says.

For instance, have you heard things like:

  • He’s a commitment phobe
  • Some guys just aren’t built that way
  • He just doesn’t love you that way
  • He doesn’t love you enough

If you haven’t experienced anything like this yourself, you are lucky.

But, you probably do know someone who has.

We all do.

So…if the relationship books have been spinning off half-truths or whole truths to the best of their ability, what are the rest of us to do to get this figured out? Are there any answers out there?

The real secret to how to get him to commit will have to come from him. But, truth be told a man that’s not committing will probably run far and wide if you came out and asked him some kind of questions like that. So…again, what can you do?

Go to the source…if not THE man, go to the next best thing…a man who has been there and done that and is willing to talk to you about it.

But, does that man exist?

Is there a man out there who can tell us how to make him commit?

T Dub Jackson video on how to get a guy to commit.

T Dub Jackson on how to get a guy to commit.

That’s actually almost a funny question.

It’s kind of like asking a man to tattle on men. Wow, that’s a secret almost anyone would want to get their hands on, right….well, guess what?

You can! It really does exist.

It comes from men actually, not just one man. There is a team who decided to pal up and share the real secrets of their gender. Their names are Jonathan Green and T. Dub Jackson. Men of courage and men of caring.

You can meet them in my Girl Gets Ring review, click here.

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  • BethMore December 26, 2013, 1:19 am

    Try to figure out if he is interested in a long term commitment and then take proper decision…

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