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We take a thorough look at the Girl Gets Ring System, T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson and Jonathan Green
Girl Gets Ring System

Privacy Policy

Hi there, and congratulations, you have just found the Privacy Policy for girl gets ring system dot com.

Privacy is something that we all definitely need, so here is our commitment to making sure you have privacy.

This was last updated November 1, 2013.

We know that you need privacy and that it is important to you, so we take it very seriously when we say that you want to protect you and your privacy. This is why we take our responsibility to protect the data that you share with us while interacting with our site. This policy helps you to better understand how we protect your data, as well as how we use it.

The customer and membership account information that you give us, such as your password, credit card or payment information, addresses, email address, or phone number, are held in strict confidence.

We will never sell or rent this to 3rd parties, and will only use it in order to help you while you are on this website.

E-mail Privacy

Our website, www.girlgetsringsystem.com, uses forms for subscription when individuals request specific types of information, or when subscribing to newsletters or alerts based on interests.

We collect this contact information in order to give you the information that you need, but we never sell or rent your email address to 3rd parties.

We also provide confirm opt-in options for email lists that you wish to receive. We use the address that you provided to not only confirm the subscription, but to validate it and use it to send you things. Your reply to this confirmation email is important because it means that you will have totally subscribed to whatever it is that you clicked such as an email list or newsletter that we choose to operate. You can always change your email address if you have changed it by using the Manage Your Subscription form. You can also simply unsubscribe with any other email addresses you have subscribed to, and then subscribe with a brand new address.

You can also unsubscribe or opt-out of any or all lists for email that you have chosen to receive in the past. These emails will trigger one more that includes the way to remove yourself from said lists, but then you will receive no more from the ones you unsubscribe to.

When or if you send an email to us, we might retain these emails in order to thoroughly process the request you have, but also to improve our quality of service.

Members, customers, or users who are considered to be part of a transactional relationship with our site will need to be able to receive emails from us occasionally in order to deliver our services.

Personal Information

We might collect personal information like your postal address, phone numbers, name, or email address when you register in order to provide you with various services.

We might even combine this type of data with a 3rd party database in order to tailor and enhance your experience.

Our site uses what is known as cookies, which is data stored in your computer, and other types of programs and technology to provide you with the best possible experience. These cookies also help us learn how you use your services in order to allow us to keep improving your services.

This is why you may notice that our servers record and log information that you use when you interact with us, or when you use any services or products that we have. These types of information will be things like access dates and time of visits, country of origin, operating system, URL, browser type, IP address, language type, user sessions, page views, and anything else we find that might be helpful to deliver our services to you without problem.

We are going to occasionally use the personal information that you have given us in order to provide you with the services that you have come to expect. We also use our own means of analysis and research to be able to operate on and improve the products and services we offer to you, as well as to be able to create new and improved services and products. We may also use and share aggregated non-personal information with certain 3rd parties outside of our site.

When we use 3rd parties in order to help us with processing personal information, we ensure that they comply with our policies on privacy, security measures and confidentiality agreements. We might share information with these parties in certain limited circumstances when we comply with a legal process such as fraud or imminent harm and in order to ensure the security of our networking services.

We may also conduct surveys for the members or users in order to improve the services that we offer.

Links and Linking

Our site does contain links to other sites.

These sites are not going to be covered under our privacy policy since they are not a part of our direct website, but only an affiliate. We made attempts that these links are active, but we are not going to be able to ensure any content on those sites, and are not responsible for the content there, which is why we recommend that you review the privacy policy of every site you visit. However, our site might present you with certain links that let us track what you do on our site, and also what you do when visiting sites linked to us.

We only do this to improve your experience and also for the quality of services that we offer.

Ads And Your Privacy

We use a combination of many different internal and 3rd parties advertising techniques and companies in order to serve the ads on our site.

These ads are based on your personal information, but only we have access to that. In order to track the effectiveness of the ads on our site and improve your experience, these companies use non-personal information about your visits. This is why the ads you see will be tailored to you. The information collected by these companies include things like your IP address, the geographic location you are in, and also any cookies or history data within our site that has been collected previously. We will not provide any personal information to these people, however, when you interact or show interest in any ad on our site. However, be aware that when you do view or interact with an ad, you are making it possible for an advertiser to assume that you are showing interest in said ad.

DoubleClick Dart cookies are things that third party vendors such as Google use in order to serve ads on our site. These DART cookies only allow it to serve ads based on what you visit on this site, and what you visit on other sites. You can easily opt out of this type of cookie by visiting http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/. You can also opt out of the use of cookies by third party affiliates by visiting http://www.aboutads.info/.

Our website has security measures in place that will help to protect it from things like loss, alteration or loss of our information, and management procedures that training specialized for those who work with our databases in a direct manner. We also take measures against any unauthorized use of information or date, included any physical considerations of data we have stored.

We will restrict the data to employees of these websites, agents, and even contractors unless they need to know this information to innovate, operate, or deliver services that we offer.

Updates To Our Privacy Policy For Girl Gets Ring System Dot Com

We will occasionally need to update and make changes to our Privacy Policy.

If there are any material changes that we make, we will do our best to notify you and provide you with the chance to opt-out of any changes that are substantial. However, please be aware that if you opt out of all communications that we send your way, you will not be contacted or have your information used for this. This is why we strongly encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy and information within in order to stay up to date on change, and to know we respect and protect your privacy.

It is your choice, though, to submit any information of a personal nature to our site. However, if you do this we may not be able to offer or enhance the previous services or products that we offer to you.

We want you to know that we do everything possible to protect your privacy. We will, however need to disclose personal information that is required by law for the good-faith belief that it was necessary to do so. This will only happen when we must comply or enforce a law based on actions within our server, and to protect, establish, and exercise the legal rights that we have against these claims.

If you find the need to contact us is urgent, you can easily do so from our Contact Us page. This allows us to answer questions that you might have about the statement of privacy you have just read, about our activities, and even about the dealings on this site or our privacy policy that you will have.