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We take a thorough look at the Girl Gets Ring System, T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson and Jonathan Green
Girl Gets Ring System

Terms of Use

You must immediately stop using this site, www.girlgetsringsystem.com, if you do not agree with the following Terms of Use for our site girl gets ring system dot com.

If you are using this site, you are admitting to an agreement with our terms of use, therefore giving your assent that you have read them.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Use for this site, you must immediately leave.

1. Restrictions on Materials

Any materials that you see on this site have their rights reserved by us and are copyrighted.

This means that any graphics, texts, HTML code, or graphics, as well as any intellectual property you might see are ours. These are protected by the U.S., and the International Copyright Laws. These may not be reprinted, copied, published, copied, translated, hosted, re-engineered, or otherwise given out and distributed by any means at all without our permission.

This goes for all of the trademarks on this site as well, whether or not they are ours, as we have permission to use them.

2. Database Ownership, Use, and License

This website warrants that you will accept that this property is the sole property of the owner who has copyrights on it for Databases of Links.

These are links to resources and articles that are available periodically on this site. This website and all of the contributors to it reserve all rights. Therefore, no intellectual rights of property are conferred by these terms of agreement.

This grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the databases located on this site and subject you to our Terms and Conditions. The database may only be used for your view purposes, or for extracting any information that is to be used for the reasons below.

You must agree to only use the information you obtain at this site for your private purposes, or the purposes of your home or business as long as you are not selling or brokering information. You may not permit or cause any information to be published, downloaded, printed, transmitted, re-engineered, distributed, or reproduced in any way or form. This also means that you cannot resell, republish, view, or redistribute this if you intend to sell it.

You might occasionally print or download certain pages of this site that have been selected for the reason of meeting a specific need of information. This means that only you or your business may use this information, internally, and that you must do so on a basis of confidentiality. You may also make a limited number of output copies, in the machine or handwritten form, and these must only be for reasonable purposes.

Nothing within this site authorizes you to create any type of database or directory, or a hard copy, about anything that you use on this site, regardless of internal or external plans to use it.

3. Liability

Any materials within this site are provided to you “as is” and therefore do not have any types of warranties or expresses implied for them.

This means that we disclaim all warranties, implied or express, and may or may not include implied warranties of merchantability and any fitness for a particular reason. This property does not warrant that any functions contained within the materials on this site will be error free or interrupted, that any defects in the site will be fixed, or that the server or site will make it known that it is free of viruses or any components that might be harmful. This site also does not warrant any representations for use of materials or the results of use within this site based on accuracy or reliability. You will assume the costs of all necessary repairs, servicing, or correction that happens. Any laws that are applicable may not actually allow exclusion of any implied warranties. In this regard, the above may not apply directly to you.

There is no reason under any circumstance that this site will be liable for any types of special damages or consequential types of damages that you receive due to your inability to use the materials within this site, or because you notified an authorized representative of this site of these damages. Any laws that are applicable may not really limit or exclude the liability or these damages, so the above may not apply to you. However, in no event will our site be liable to you for any losses, damages, or causes of action such as in tort, contract, or negligence, to exceed the amount that you paid to access this site.

Any facts that are on this site are going to be believed accurate at the time they were posted. This means that changes might be made at any time without notice to you, and that the information is only to be used for information gathering purposes. This is because the information on the page if not supposed to provide any legal type of advice for taxes, finances, legality, or any other type of advice for a company or an individual. The services and information on this site are only offered in the areas and jurisdictions here they are legally allowed to be offered.

This means that it information is only offered based on certain jurisdictions, and therefore should not be relied on as being completely accurate.

4. Marks and Links

The owner of this website is not going to always be directly linked to any sites that you will see on this site.

This means the owner is not responsible for the content of these linked pages. The sites that you can link to on here are for your convenience; therefore, you should only access them of your own accord, knowing there may be risks. Any websites or references to products that are linked to our site, or publications by this website or any subsidiaries, do not imply that we endorse other sites you may link to from ours. This means we do not endorse products, websites, publications, or services that any of our affiliates offer.

Any logos, icons, designs, names, graphics, titles, words or phrases that you might see on this site that you see here may constitute trade names, service marks, trademarks or web property of our site or other sites. This means that these items which are displayed do not imply that you have the right to use them, only we do.

If you download, transmit, or otherwise copy, modify or distribute the contents without this page, you may be in violation of a copyright or trademark law and may be subjected to legal action.

6. Passwords, Information, and Confidentiality of Codes

You must agree to treat any Subscriber Codes, user names, Id’s, or any password that you have received from this site is property of this site. This also goes for all information that you may have access via a password. You will not permit any information to be communicated, divulged, or copied to any other person at all.

7. Other Legalities

The Terms of Use you have read apply to every single part of this site, girlgetsringsystem.com.

This site reserves the right to change or issues revisions to our Terms of Use by publishing a version that has been revised at any time it desires. When this happens you will receive a date of the update. Each time you access this site based on an update you will be agreeing to the prevailing terms and changes within.

Our Terms of Use and any license within that has been granted cannot at any time be assigned or sublet to you without our consent first. These Terms of Use are governed by, and shall remain governed by, the United Kingdom. This was applied to any and all agreements that may be performed within this jurisdiction.

If you have in any way violated or threatened to violate our property or affiliates, you must take into consideration that you will be sought after for injunctive or other appropriate type of relief. This will be done in any of the United Kingdom state or federal courts, and that you consent to this jurisdiction for any venue of courts.

Any other disputes will be solved with the help of a mutually agreed upon person who will mediate the problem in London, United Kingdom. Any costs that occur will be split equally between us in terms of attorney fees for the mediation. However, if we are unable to come to a mutual agreement this way, we will submit the dispute to the binding arbitration of London, United Kingdom. This will be done so under the American Arbitration Association. Judgment will then be rewarded based on the decisions of the arbitrator.

If any part of this agreement becomes void or is not able to be enforced, the provisions in this agreement hereafter will not be affected.

8. Termination

These Terms of Use agreements are going to remain effective until they are terminated by one party or the other.

You may be able to terminate this agreement upon the destruction of anything that you have downloaded or transmitted from here, even if it was not listed under these terms of agreement. This will terminate without any prior warning if you fail to obey any part of the Terms of Use listed. When termination occurs you must destroy all materials that you obtained from this site, or any materials from its affiliates.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, or about anything related to our site, you can reach us at our Contact Us page.

The last update of these Terms of Use was November 1, 2013.