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Why Men Pull Away in Relationships

Why do men pull away in relationships?

This is probably a question as old as dirt (and asked a thousand times over in magazines such as ELLE).

At least it’s probably been asked in some shape, form, or fashion for many, many years. Why is that though? Is it such a common occurrence that we all know it happens? Maybe not always, but it does seem to occur often enough to be an extremely contentious question on the mind of many women around the world.

Generally, by the time someone gets around to a discussion on why men pull away there’s already some fear and maybe some bitter feelings going on too. Women are usually the early committers and they are left wondering what is wrong with their man. Or WORSE…women may begin to think what is wrong with them when truly there is nothing at all wrong with them.


Thus the puzzle…so the first thing to figure out is whether this phenomenon really occurs in the first place.

Do Men Pull Away in Relationships?

If you’ve been in relationships, you probably already know that men and women are different.

Yeah duh, right.

Okay…so we’re not talking about the obvious physical characteristics or really even the known and obvious personality or emotional ones. What we are talking about it the inherent being.

Men and women work into and through relationships at different rates. Depending on where each gender is in their life, they may be seeking a deepening of the relationship at a much faster pace than the other gender. For instance, if a man’s career is not where he wants it to be and you are ready for him to commit, it may appear he is pulling back.

Is here really?

Well, in your eyes he probably is though he may not even be aware of it. Remember, men and women really do think differently.

A lot of men (especially the ones that you are likely to be interested in catching) are interested in being successful at least to a decent degree before they settle down with a family. But, they aren’t thinking like I have to do this and this and this and then I’ll get married.

Nope…they are not thinking that way at all. In fact, they aren’t really thinking much about it at all. Unlike you, men are usually just going along and enjoying their lives and trying to get on track to where they want to be.

It’s the women that come along and start rattling their cages that sends them into a tail spin.

Is there anything you can do about why men pull away?

So…whether they are intentionally pulling away OR absent mindedly pulling way or even just not ever getting into the arena of thinking about commitment, what can you do?

Is there anything you can do to help the situation and help them begin to reprioritize?

You bet there is.

There are really solutions to men’s absent minded relationship antics and reasonable methods without brow beating and handcuffs to get them to flip their relationship switch. Now no one really knows at what point this time will come along in their lives. There is no magical age or prep school. It depends on when and where the Mr. Right and Ms. Right hook up along life’s path.

So when you do…what do you do?

Solving the conundrum of why men pull away in relationships

The first and foremost thing you can do is be prepared.

Know yourself and fulfill yourself as a person so that you are ready when he comes along. Feel good about you, who you are and where you’re going in life. Make sure you exude confidence and style at the same time. If he hasn’t seen you already, he will. If you already know who he is and you can’t seem to get there with him, what can you do then?

There are a lot of folks out there with tons of advice and more suggestions than you can shake a stick at. There is a new kind of solution that’s been sweeping around the internet. It might be something you are interested in checking out. It’s put out by two regular guys with lots of real relationship experience. One of them is very long term committed and still very much in love.

They are pulling out all stops to try and help us all wake up and see relationships and that next step for what it really is.

You can get their book and see for yourself.

If you’re ready to fully understand why men pull away in relationships – check it out here.

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